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The Exterminator

Freedom fighters from the future trying to change history pursued by indestructible cyborgs - Doctor Who did it first!


There have been strange goings on at Auderly House. Ghostly intruders appear and then vanish. Several U.N.I.T. soldiers guarding the building have disappeared, however crusty old diplomat Sir Reginald Styles refuses to consider holding the upcoming peace talks anywhere else. Colonel Mace decides it’s time he called in his Scientific Advisor.

The Board


Auderly House is an old house set in parkland and the house is approached by a long curved driveway. The estate is surrounded by a high wall that requires one move and an AGI test to climb over. Inside the grounds are trees, bushes, out houses, a tumbledown folly - meaning lots and lots of cover. The area 6 inches around the house though is grass. Outside is parked Styles’s Armoured Jaguar and a U.N.I.T. Land Rover with an HMG in the back. (Alternatively this could be an ordinary car and an armoured Land Rover, depending on the models available).

Monster Set Up

The monster player gets to control both the Daleks and their Ogron side kicks, and the Guerrillas. The Daleks and the Guerrillas both want to kill Styles, although for different reasons. The Daleks think he’s a goody who will prevent a nuclear war, the Guerrillas think he’s a baddy who is trying to start one.

The Daleks will Time travel to Auderly House in three teams, each of one Time War Dalek and two Ogrons. The idea is to bracket the house to avoid Styles slowly getting into his car and driving away, which is where the original attack in 1972 went wrong……..

The Guerrillas are fewer in number and only have three figures, (John Connor and friends) who must all arrive at once. All have normal human Security Guard stats except for Connor who has Leader (2) and Luck (1). They are armed with Ogron Disintegrator Pistols (Range 12", STR 4, Disintegrator, Pistols) and High Explosives.

Both the Daleks and the Guerrillas have a detailed map of Auderly house and so can plan the point of their arrival accurately. However they have no idea who is guarding the place or where they are located. The Monster player should mark on a sketch map of the board exactly where the two Daleks and the Guerrillas are due to materialise, which cannot be within 12 inches of the main house, before the Heroic player sets up their figures.

Natural Enemies

The Daleks wish to finish off the Guerrillas even more than they want to get Styles and the Guerrillas know this.

If a Guerrilla finds themselves in line-of-sight of a Dalek or Ogron they will immediately hide in the nearest cover where they cannot shoot. Whilst hiding they cannot shoot and cannot be seen unless a figure comes within 6 inches. (The ease with which they can do this, and the ability of the Guerrillas to slip past U.N.I.T. patrols without being seen suggests the Guerrillas are actually wearing some kind of hi-tech reactive camouflage clothing that can adapt itself immediately to its surrounding - but that is just speculation.)

If there is nowhere to hide the Guerrillas and Daleks will shoot at each other, regardless of what else is going on. This shooting will be simultaneous.

Heroic Set Up

Styles (Administrator with Luck(1)), his Bodyguard (Security Guard with Bodyguard Special Ability [see below], Body Armour and a Pistol), Colonel Mace, Martha and the Doctor are in the main house.

To guarding Styles Colonel Mace has team of twelve U.N.I.T. soldiers led by a Sergeant. Each has an Assault Rifle, Grenades, Pistol and Body Armour and a Bazooka is available. Some will be deployed either on their own or in pairs around the grounds keeping watch, at least one of which must be by the front gate and the rest can be in reserve at the main house, ready to be sent where they‘re needed.

The aim of the game is to keep Styles alive at any cost.

Playing the Game

The Monster player automatically moves first in the first turn. They roll for each of the four time travelling parties and on a 4, 5 or 6 they materialise. Once on the board they have a turn to move or shoot before U.N.I.T. can react.

Colonel Mace cannot react until he has word of the attack form one of his men who has seen a Dalek, Ogron or Guerrilla, and not been disintegrated for his trouble. He can then, if he wants, try to persuade Styles to leave the building. This takes a whole turn and a U.N.I.T. soldier must be assigned to Styles to see he actually moves, otherwise he will endlessly collect together his papers. Otherwise, unless Styles can actually see Monsters shooting at him, he will stay put.

Styles can be loaded into either car and as he will hide on the floor it is not necessary for the Heroic player to reveal which car Styles is in if they both drive off at once.

The Doctor

Once he comes face to face with a Monster the Doctor will have no trouble working out what’s going on. By making an Invention Breakthrough roll he can re-tune his sonic screwdriver to manipulate the time travel devices and send them back to the 22nd century. This is done in the normal way and the Doctor has to be within 6 inches and requires a roll of 4, 5 or 6. Only one figure can be sent back at a time.

Winning and Loosing

If the Heroic player can get Styles off the board in more or less one piece then they have won. Styles goes off and negotiates a peace treaty and the world is safe.

If Styles is shot and wounded by one of the Monster player’s figures then they have won.

However it turns out subsequently he really was a baddy trying to wreck the peace talks. If it was the Daleks that got him then they have inadvertently changed history and exterminated themselves. That is the problem with low-tech time travel - it creates paradoxes whenever it’s used.

Rule Amendment: Vehicles

Obviously this scenario won’t work if U.N.I.T. can just load Styles into their disintegrator proof vehicles and drive him away.

If a vehicle is hit by a disintegrator gun dice as normal to see if the car or a random passenger is hit. If it is the car, and the weapon’s STR overcomes its DEF (3 for the Land Rover and 5 for the Armoured Jaguar) the vehicle takes a hit. Roll a d6: 1,2; engine damaged, vehicle stops, 3,4; tire punctured, half speed, 5,6; hit on random occupant.

It can be fixed by a Repair, but you probably won’t have time.

Rule Amendment: Bodyguard

This Special Ability is similar to Blocker but applies to a person (called the Principle) rather than a place.

The Bodyguard acts as a Blocker to anyone approaching the Principle. Additionally the Bodyguard can screen the Principle from missile fire over a 180 degree ark. Any shots directed at the Principle which are on target hit the Bodyguard.

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