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Doctor Who and the Daemons


This is a modification of the version on the DWMG website which is in turn a modification of a scenario by Michael Spencelyah. It is another attempt to make a UNIT v the aliens scenario a bit different. I’ve also tried to give UNIT a purpose in the scenario, which they lack in the broadcast story, and to give it all a less silly ending.

Set Up

The Doctor is tied to the Maypole in the middle of the village green surrounded by eleven villagers, who also happen to be the local Morris Dancing team. One has a pistol, one a rifle, one a shotgun and the others have improvised weapons. They are preparing to burn him at the stake, thus proving Baldric’s dad’s old motto of never trust men with beards.

Miss Hawthorn is with them trying to persuade them to let the Doctor go.

Bessie is parked nearby.

Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton, are hiding in the Cloven Hoof, adjacent to the green, armed with silenced pistols. They may be in civilian clothes or may have quickly changed back into uniform if you have no suitable figures.

The Brigadier, Sergeant Osgood (UNIT Technician with Invent, Repair and Luck[1]) and 12 UNIT soldiers, including a Bazooka team, are in a convoy of vehicles just off the board, stopped by the heat barrier.

Bok is on guard outside the door to the church.

The Master, alias Victor Magister, is in the catacombs with three Cultists, in full ceremonial regalia, preparing to summon Azal.

Jo Grant is also in the catacombs in her sacrificial-virgin white robes, which make her look suspiciously like the first Romana.

Optional: the UNIT helicopter is parked somewhere in the village.

Remote controlled Bessie
Art by Daryl Joyce

Fortuitously the Doctor has fitted Bessie with a remote control mechanism prior to the adventure. He can drive her from anywhere on the board as if he was behind the wheel himself provided he carries out no other action and can see the car.

Freeing the Doctor

Miss Hawthorn may attempt to get the villagers to free the Doctor by convincing them he is the powerful magician Qui Quai Quod.

This involves first Yates and/or Benton hitting something with their pistols; a long range aimed shot at a small target ( i.e. 5 or 6 to hit). If they both miss then the villagers conclude the Doctor is a great big faker and start to light the firewood. He has five turns before he starts loosing a hit a turn from the flames (I guess the villagers didn‘t use enough paraffin).

If they succeed then next turn the Doctor may use his remote control to bring Bessie to him as a further demonstration of his magic powers. In their next activation the villagers will free the Doctor and henceforth they will Fear him.

Penetrating the Heat Barrier

Sergeant Osgood meanwhile is trying to penetrate the heat barrier. He must first make an Invention breakthrough and then build a diathermic energy exchanger. If the Doctor can get himself over to join them he can add +2 to the breakthrough roll and +1 to the subsequent rolls.

Art by Daryl Joyce
Optional: UNIT Helicopter

If the UNIT helicopter is being used, then once the Doctor is free one villager may use it to try to stop the Doctor reaching Osgood and the UNIT team.

The helicopter will make a low level pass at Bessie each turn. After being buzzed the Doctor needs to make a AGI roll to avoid crashing - which results in Bessie being damaged and all occupants being stunned. Once the pass is completed the Cultist makes a Luck roll and if failed he crashes into the heat barrier and the helicopter is destroyed.

Summoning Azal

The Master meanwhile is in the catacombs reciting a nursery rhyme backwards in order to summon Azal. Each turn he is able to do this adds d6 to him summoning total. When this reaches 30 (35 if using the optional UNIT helicopter rule) Azal appears. If the Master is attacked, or carries out any other action, he cannot add to his score.

If Miss Hawthorn is within 6” of the church she can use a dispelling chant to reduce this total by d3 a turn. Again, if she is attacked or carries out any other action she can’t do this.

UNIT versus the Villagers

This section should have a musical accompaniment of slips, jigs and reels.

UNIT may not shoot a villager unless he has a firearm, and then only after issuing a warning (which takes one action) or if friendly characters have been fired on.

UNIT must deal with the villagers by using Capture or Brawl. One UNIT soldier can guard 5 captured Cultists.

The villagers will not harm Miss Hawthorn and will only attempt to Capture her. She may defend herself with her umbrella.

UNIT versus Bok

No UNIT soldier may pass Bok whilst he is firing at them, although a Unique model can give it a try if they want to. If this happens Bok gets an extra shot in the Heroic players turn.

In this version Bok only has one Hit.

If Bok is ‘destroyed’ then one figure may enter the crypt whilst he reforms.

Bok is also ‘stunned’ for one turn when the Invention that breaks the heat barrier is used.

Benton may use the UNIT bazooka thus allowing him to use his Luck to try to overcome Bok’s Invulnerability.

The Contrived Ending

If the Heroic characters enter the crypt before Azal is summoned they can disrupt the ceremony by attacking the Master. Unless The Master can fight them off, he has lost.

Art by Daryl Joyce
If Azal is summoned, The Master then tries to persuade him that he should rule the world. Any unique heroic model, other than the Doctor, who enters the crypt in the next turn can put in their own claim and make an INT v INT with the Master (the Doctor for some principled reason doesn‘t want to do this). If they win, their first order can be for Azal to leave the planet.

Alternatively Jo Grant could cause Azal to blow up by offering herself as a human sacrifice, but that would be just silly.

A Masterly Escape

If it looks like it’s all gone pear shaped again, The Master may attempt to make a getaway. He slips out of a secret passageway and appears anywhere within six inches of the church. He must leave the board via the edge furthest away from him. The heat barrier will have gone and Bok will just be a statue again.

UNIT will want to Capture him alive (see Safer Behind Bars) and any surviving villagers or cultists will also be out to get him (see You Have Tricked Us).

He may hijack a vehicle, but the Doctor can use Bessie under remote control to head him off. If Bessie can get in front of the Master in the Heroic activation the Master must change direction by 90 degrees in his next move.

The game ends when The Master is captured or leaves the board.

Plan foiled and The Master captured - Heroic Victory

Azal destroys the Earth - Monster Victory

Plan foiled but The Master escapes - Draw

Notes on Figures
This scenario was basically designed around the figures made by Woodbine Designs; The Morris and Armed Morris Dancers. If anyone else in the world produces figures for armed Morris Dancers I'll eat my Gallifrey Guardian.

All the other figures are available from Black Tree Design, but most of us use Gripping Beast Mo-Fo range for 1970s UNIT.

Yates and Benton wore civvies for this story, and massive fashion disasters their outfits were too. Fortunately Killer B Games's Geezer range includes a variety of 70s attired figures that are up to the job.

Art by Daryl Joyce

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