Sunday, 1 January 2012

Gun Rules For Gun Nuts

Just in case there aren't enough guns for you in the original rules.

Small Arms

 To Hit
Holdout Pistol
Victorian Rifle

WWI/II Rifle


Battle Rifle

Assault Rifle


 Burst, STR 4

Victorian Rifles
All STR 3 unless otherwise stated

WWI/WWII rifles includes modern sniper rifles
Carbines include everything from the Winchester Repeaters used by cowboys to the Hecklar & Koch's used by modern armed police (as in Aliens of London)
Battle Rifle = 1970s U.N.I.T. Rifle
Assault Rifle = Modern U.N.I.T. Rifle
SMG = Submachine Gun
LMG = Light Machine Gun such as a Bren gun.
SFMG = Sustained Fire Machine Gun. This is the usual weapon fitted to British armoured vehicles. If removed from its mount or tripod and fitted with a lightweight barrel it becomes an LMG.
HMG = Heavy Machine Gun.

Modern U.N.I.T. with Carbines
Victorian rifles take one action to reload
LMG, SFMG, HMG take 2 actions to fire a burst
Carbines and Assault Rifles may use both activations in a round to shoot
SFMG and HMG may not move unless dismantled (2 actions)

Heavy Weapons with One Crew

A Sustained Fire Machine Gun with plenty of crew
Because of the weight of the weapon and ammunition, Heavy Weapons (HMGs, SFMGs, mortars, Bazookas) may not move unless they have two crew, with the exception of Bazookas which may move but only with one shell in the weapon and no reloads. Additionally, HMGs and SFMGs, unless mounted on vehicles, jam if two of the 'hit' dice rolled are the same.



Benton and Yates pinned down
If a figure survives a roll to loose a Hit that could have destroyed it, but the dice roll is one or two less than the required score, the figure counts as Pinned for its next activation and may not move or attack. This represents a soldier diving for cover after a near miss, or a monster sent reeling backwards by bullets that didn't penetrate its armour. A figure with more than one Hit is also Pinned for the Activation after it looses a Hit.

A figure cannot be Pinned it it successfully used an Invulnerable, Armoured Body or similar Saving Throw, if it has more than one Hit left or if its DEF is three or more than the weapons STR.

ATRLs ("Bazookas")

Gwen with a STR6 ATRL
Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers are powerful but short ranged and inaccurate.

They have a maximum range of 12", hit on a 5 or 6 and are STR 5 in the 1970s or STR 6 for more advanced versions, and cause d6 Hits damage.

Shooting at Vehicles

+ 1 Shooting at a car, van or light armoured vehicle
+ 2 Shooting at a lorry or tank

Roll d6 for a hit:

0,1,2 Engine Vehicle immobilised
3,4 Tires hit. Half speed until Repair carried out
5,6,7 Body: roll again:
         1,2 Driver 3,4 Rear passenger/front cargo space 5,6 Boot/rear cargo space

- 1 (to both dice) If shot at from the front
+1 (to both dice) If shot at from the rear

[More information than any normal person can want about the guns in the New Series of Doctor Who can be found here.]


  1. I also use variant of the rules for leadership.

    All figures are to be in groups (unless they are leaders/ Characters) of 2 to 12 figures. In order to carry out actions the following must happen.

    1.The unit’s card must be drawn by the GM
    2.The unit must make a successful activation roll on a d6 of 4+
    3.If the unit has a leader its activation die roll is modified by the unit leader’s leadership value (+1 or +2)
    4. Units that fail their activation roll may only carry out one of the following actions:
    a) Fire in self defence (enemy must be within 10”)
    b)Go prone
    c) Retreat a full move or to the nearest cover but never closer to the enemy than when they started.

  2. Interesting ideas, I'll give them a try.