Saturday, 31 December 2011

Autons Again!

Oh no, not again! Once more shop dummies are coming to life across London.

Fortunately U.N.I.T. are pretty sure who’s behind it and so Colonel Mace and the men plan a raid on Magister Plastics, a company they’ve had their eyes on for a while.

Unfortunately most of the men needed for the job seem to have been suddenly sent on leave, or posted to Peru or reassigned to the Women’s Auxiliary Balloon Corps.


This scenario came about from looking at what makes DWMG different from a conventional wargame. Primarily this is this the prescence of The Doctor who can usually wipe out the aliens single handedly with an Invent, travel anywhere he wants to using his TARDIS and survive where others can't using his massive Luck. He is like a sort of Super SAS, and so this scenario makes the Hero player choose whether to use him on a risky behind-the-lines raid or have him support the conventional forces - the sort of decision that a real commander has to make if he has Special Forces in his Order of Battle.

U.N.I.T. set up
  • Colonel Mace and U.N.I.T. are outside the gates of Magister Plastics.
  • 2 Land Rovers
  • 2 U.N.I.T. squads each consisting of:
    • 1 NCO with personal weapon
    • 4 soldiers with assault rifles
    • 1 soldier with LMG
    • 1 soldier with ATRL
  •  All U.N.I.T. have pistols, batons, radios and handcuffs
  • The Doctor and a Companion are in the TARDIS, which is in the Void.
Monster Set Up
  • The Nestene Consciousness is in the factory.
  • 9 Autons are within the factory walls.
  • Meek, a human lackey, is skulking around.
  • 2 Auton Copy security guards are by the gate.
  • A couple of Animated Plastic wheelie bins are in the yard
  • Also in the yard are several barrels of Auton Plastic
  • A fuel tanker is parked up in the yard.
  • Boxes, cars and so on provide plenty of cover within the factory walls.

Three Player Game

With three players one plays the Nestine Intelligence and the Autons, one the Doctor and his companions, and the third Colonel Mace and U.N.I.T.

The Nestine Intelligence gets three event cards, the Doctor Two and Colonel Mace one.

Playing the Game

Carbines - as Assault Rifles but with 15” range.
The Autons within the factory have orders to guard it and will be facing the main entrance. They may advance, but will not react to anything happening behind them.

Each turn, after the first, draw a card before rolling for the initiative.

Each event, apart from the last, can only happen once.
  • Any Ace - Sea Harrier with 4 bombs now available
  • Black King - Armoured car arrives to help U.N.I.T.
  • Black Queen - Car with 3 Police Marksmen arrives (2 Carbines and 3 Pistols)
  • Black Jack - A Companion joins U.N.I.T. in Bessie
  • Black numbered - TARDIS materialises inside factory
  • Red King - General Fettishaw-Freak (an Auton Copy) arrives
  • Red Queen - Auton Copy Police Inspector arrives
  • Red Jack - A Companion is found a prisoner in the factory
  • Red number - Auton appears from the edge of the board (odd from the left, even from the right)
Dealing with Auton Copies

Auton Copies may not be shot until they have revealed themselves to be Autons (by firing, being jammed by the sonic screwdriver or affected by the anti-plastic). If they are in the way they can be arrested and handcuffed by a brawling attack (not that handcuff’s work on Autons ...).

General Fettishaw-Freak will order the U.N.I.T. soldiers to cease fire, which they will initially do. Colonel Mace will then have to try to outsmart him with an INT v INT to get them to attack again (“I have orders from Geneva” etc etc). Once the General is beaten U.N.I.T. can then try to bundle him out of the way.

The Auton Police Inspector can order the real police to leave.


The barrels of Auton Plastic can be used to Invent anti-plastic (1d6 doses - each dose causes 1 Hit to Autons or the Nestene).

The sonic screwdriver can jam an individual autan within 6 inches on 4+, or all the autons for one turn if used on the Nestene Intelligence

The air strike should take out the Nestene Intelligence.

If the air strike fails the fuel tanker can be made to explode like a bomb and can be driven into the factory.

Victory Points

Monster Faction

Factory still under Nestene control - 4 VP
Doctor killed or forced to regenerate - 3 VP
Companion, Colonel Mace killed - 2 VP
U.N.I.T. solder, policeman, Meek killed - 1 VP

Hero Faction

Factory occupied - 4 VP
Nestene Intelligence - 3 VP
Factory destroyed - 2 VP
Each Auton, Auton Copy, Animated Plastic destroyed - 1 VP
Meek under arrest - 1 VP

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