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The Doctor Games


A scenario for The Five Doctors is available on the DWMG website. By splicing in elements of Patrick Troughton's finale The War Games I've not only upped the bodycount considerably, but also provide employment for a number of otherwise redundant 28mm historical figures.


Play The Five Doctors as described by Graeme and Karl using the following variations.

Set Up

Six Groups of fighters are deployed, one in each of the grid square across the Death Zone.

Initially these Groups are represented by cards dealt randomly and face down.

Groups should be of approximately equal strength. As a rough rule the total of DEF x Hits for each Group should be 15 or 16 e.g. a Dalek and an Ogron, three Cybermen, four Sontarans, five Humans, a DEF 5 Hits 2 Armoured vehicle with 2 human crew etc

Four Groups should be Monster Faction and two Hero faction. Some Humans can be Monster Faction (e.g. Nazis, criminals, bankers etc).

The Doctor and The Master deploy so that they are on the junction of four grid squares

Playing the Game

Each Group of fighters moves separately. They move six inches in a random direction determined by a d6 roll (count the mountains as 'North'):

1 = move north, 2= move east, 3 = move south, 4 = mouth west, 5 and 6 = don't move.

If a Groups move would take them off the board or into the Mountains reverse the direction by 180 degrees.

If two Groups gets within six inches of each other there is a combat. Turn the cards over, if you have not already done so. Because of the brainwashing of the participants in the Death Zone, this rule applies even if both groups are Hero faction.


The 'unnatural mists' rule does not apply and combat continues until one side is eliminated or there is more than six inches between the nearest figures of the two groups.

If one side runs, the other will pursue until the loser is completely destroyed, or another enemy is encountered.

If a group has two potential enemies in view it will attack the one that looks 'more dangerous'. Aliens are 'more dangerous' than humans and Monster faction groups are 'more dangerous' than Hero faction ones.

Spoils of Victory

The point of the Death Zone is for the fighters to battle it out until a handful of champions remain.

When one Group of fighters defeats another group (i.e. when one side has nobody left who hasn’t failed a Morale test) the reward is that one of the figures in the winning group gains a +1 to hit. This should be the figure that contributed most to the victory, and applies to their main weapon only.


If the Doctor or The Master move within six inches of a group they can attempt to overcome the brainwashing that is making them fight and form an alliance.

The Master can ally with any group he encounters, Hero or Monster faction, but that group then becomes hostile to all other groups in play.

The Doctor may only ally himself with Hero faction groups, but may form a Grand Alliance of as many such groups as he is able to.

Any Monster faction aliens who meet The Doctor will attack him, whilst Monster faction humans will try to take him prisoner.

Getting to the Black Tower

There is a Yeti in the tunnels and anyone entering them will meet it on a roll of ‘1’
To move in the Death Wastes requires each figure to pass a Morale test. Anyone left behind disappears into the mists and is never seen again.


Once the Tomb of Rassilon is opened Borusa, aka The War Lord, appears, as in The Five Doctors, but this time he is accompanied by two Chancellery Guards who help in the final battle.

If Borusa is defeated, The Doctor is made Lord President in his place.

If Borusa wins The Doctor is exiled to Earth and made to regenerate.

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